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The Reward of Writing

22 Jan Posted by frank in Writing Help | Comments
The Reward of Writing

Rodney Dangerfield became famous for saying he never got any respect. The message that we are unloved and unappreciated resonates with many people, including writers, because few people take time to say thank you. Jesus healed ten lepers, but 90 percent returned to their homes and businesses, spreading the good news, eternally grateful, yet never expressing their appreciation to the one who had done the work.

If anyone has said thank you for something you’ve written, you can be sure there are ten others, if not a hundred, who are also grateful. We are loved. We are appreciated. But to sense the true value of our effort, we must remember the times when people expressed their gratitude and visualize a multitude who would agree but never said so.

For the next three days, think about your experiences that have shown the value of your writing.

When did somebody say, “Thank you for writing that,” and why did they say it?

“Didn’t I heal ten men?” Jesus asked. “Where are the other nine?”